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Being a Trauma-Informed School

This half-day workshop is aimed at all educators. In discussing what it means to be a trauma-informed school, we will explore the following topics:

  • The definition and science behind chronic, traumatic stress and its impact on the developing brain

  • The impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on a child’s cognitive and behavioral development and on one’s overall physical and mental health

  • The ARC Framework for Intervention (Attachment - Regulation - Competency) across a multi-tiered system of supports

  • How staff members can adopt an approach with students that promotes self regulation, recognition of individual strengths, support and promotion of developmental competencies

  • A mindset shift for all educators from “Kids do better when they want to” to “Kids do better when they can.” 

  • How Restorative Practices & Mindfulness play a role in being a trauma-informed school


Schools will reflect on and consider modifications to their classroom management protocols, consequence ladder, suspension policy, FBA/BIP process, and other student supports. Participants will walk away with concrete next steps that will contribute to making their setting more trauma-informed.

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