In this workshop, Mister V will provide practical tools and strategies to answer the questions that so many educators have on their minds as we prepare to start an unprecedented new school year:

How will we build relationships with our students and cultivate trust and empathy, especially when we’re not teaching in person?

How will we enable our students to meaningfully connect with each other?

Our students have simultaneously been dealing with being cut off from school, the serious safety concerns of a pandemic, and our nation’s confrontation with race...

How will we re-establish school as a source of safety, stability, love, and respect, and create a space in which we can listen to our students and guide them to process their feelings and experiences over the past several months?

This is not a lecture - Participants will experience and reflect on restorative practices such as community-building circles and leave this workshop with several practical tools and resources that give them the confidence that they are prepared to start this school year and meet the social-emotional needs of their students. These techniques are of course suitable for in-person learning, but we’ll make sure that everyone can implement them in virtual settings as well. 

Connecting and Healing in the Virtual Classroom is being offered on two occasions: please select one.
Note: if you would like to arrange a separate webinar for your school or a group of 10 or more educators, please email

September 3, 2020

4 PM - 6 PM, EST

September 4, 2020

10 AM - 12 PM, EST


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