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Formal Restorative Conferences

This course is designed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) and is intended for schools that have already begun implementing circles and other informal restorative practices in response to harm. Mister V incorporates his extensive, first-hand knowledge of facilitating formal restorative conferences and establishing the school-wide systems necessary to support them. 


Effective responses to incidents of conflict, wrongdoing and harm are the hallmark of restorative practices. We dedicate two full days to teaching participants how to facilitate a formal, scripted circle process to address the most serious infractions: physical altercations, racial incidents, bullying, vandalism, and other infractions. Participants will learn all the steps required to conduct a restorative justice conference, from determining the readiness of victims, offenders, and their families and supporters to participate in the conference, to running the formal meeting itself.

Even if participants will not be responsible for conducting conferences themselves, they will learn how to better address everyday conflict and incidents in the workplace and community. Skills taught include monitoring your own reactions in stressful situations, listening with empathy and creating shared understanding among conflicting parties.

Schools may request that Mister V facilitate their first several conferences as a neutral third party, while select staff members observe.

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