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Intro to Restorative Practices

This course is designed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) and provides all of the tools a school needs to begin meaningfully implementing restorative practices with immediate, powerful results. It is intended to take place over two full days.

From day one, participants will learn the science behind restorative practices as well as a range of strategies they can use every day. They will learn how to set high expectations while being supportive. Participants will practice how to provide direct feedback and how to ask questions that foster accountability. Participants will also learn the most effective methods to resolve common conflicts.

We devote the second day entirely to teaching attendees to facilitate restorative circles. Circles are an essential process for building social capital, resolving social problems, and responding when harm occurs. Circles create a positive learning environment. Participants will learn by participating in circles with other attendees, taking turns to learn how to facilitate. By the end of the day, educators will be prepared to return to their settings and run their first circles!

As a follow up to the workshop, schools have the option to bring in Mister V to facilitate circles with students and staff or to observe circles in classrooms and provide feedback to facilitators.

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