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Staff Self-Care

As educators, we cannot provide the energy, empathy, care, and quality of teaching that our students deserve when we ourselves are plagued by stress, extreme fatigue, or disillusionment. This revolutionary course has been taught to educators in multiple countries and is offered in partnership with SKY Schools. It is intended to be offered as a multi-day retreat, though the exact format and timings can be modified to accommodate a school’s needs. 

The SKY Educator Course is a personal development program for educators and administrators. It is designed to strengthen the individual through practical tools and life skills to manage stress and emotions, improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and support well-being.  When implemented within a school, it is a powerful staff experience, uplifting morale, engendering connectedness, and fostering open, dynamic teamwork and communication.

The course includes the following components:

  • Interactive processes that improve classroom management, interpersonal relationships, and foster team spirit

  • Practical knowledge and life skills to eliminate counter productive activity and enhance leadership ability

  •  Revitalizing breathing techniques that increase energy and deeply relax and recharge body and mind

  • Easily learned tension-releasing physical stretches and exercises

Read a full description of the SKY Schools Educators Course here.

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