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Teaching with Love & Logic

“How do we get these kids to behave?”


Today’s educators are faced with a dizzying array of competing demands related to implementing new curricula, student testing, and other mandates. At the same time, most are seeing ever-increasing numbers of students with significant emotional and behavioral problems, a challenge to manage and maintain a peaceful, positive and effective classroom.


Mister V is a certified instructor of the Love & Logic curriculum and has coached numerous instructors in using its techniques. In this two day course that covers the 9 Essential Skills of Love & Logic, participants receive solutions that work immediately to: 

  • Create low stress classrooms

  • Help end student arguing and back talk

  • Guide kids to own and solve their problems 

  • Build positive relationships with challenging students 

  • Raise test scores 

  • Prevent problems and save teaching time

Read more about Teaching with Love & Logic here.

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