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The Restorative Mindset

This half-day workshop is largely based on concepts presented in The Anatomy of Peace (Arbinger Institute, 2006). The book is a game changer and a must read for all educators and adults who work with youth! By sharing our own professional and personal stories and participating in activities, we will explore the following questions: 


  • What does it really mean to have a restorative mindset? On what principles must all staff members agree in order for a school to embrace restorative practices? 

  • What sometimes prevents us from treating our students (and loved ones, colleagues, friends) with the full humanity and dignity they deserve? 

  • What is the relationship-building pyramid? How can we use the power of relationships to produce desired behavior before we resort to consequences and punitive measures?

  • What does it mean to have our “Hearts at Peace?” How do we recognize when our hearts are not at peace and how do we return to that state? 

  • How can we actively practice empathy as a way to shift our state of mind and dramatically improve the outcomes around us?

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